Friday, October 8, 2010

Turning 21

I have had a very good week! Yesterday (Thursday) I turned 21, and for that reason my wonderful girlfriend was in Aber from Sunday (and left this morning). The early week was mainly just chilling, watching a lot of Spooks (series 4) and eating rosy apples.

Wednesday was when my birthday celebrations started. We headed to Rummers for a drink or two with lovely Methsoccers. Then the cake arrived! It was amazing and huge! Effectively a chocolate cake on top of a chocolate and cola cake, and all covered in chocolate icing, it was very very impressive. Leaving the cake, we headed up to the Union for RELOAD! I love the cheesiness of Reload, but was surprised by the lack of people. Freshers, get your act together and start going to Reload! But anyway, Reload was its usual cheesy self and I even got my birthday announced, which made me very happy.

Thursday started with a lie-in and then opening some presents. More Spooks, Gavin and Stacey, money, mugs, lots of chocolate (to name a few). Then I persuaded Rach that she did want to walk up Pen Dinas, the hill to the south of Aber. We made it to the top after stopping at all the benches on the way up except one. Then I opened a glass bottle of Coca Cola and it looked very much like an advert.

The evening saw Rach and me on South Beach with a small fire. One of my presents from Rach was ‘Mystical Fire’ ( which you put on a fire and it turns the flames beautiful blues, gorgeous greens and pretty pinks. It was so pretty, I am definitely getting more! I also had another bottle of Coca Cola. (When I was younger, one of my birthday treats was Coke in glass bottles) I was very impressed with how outdoorsy Rach was, but I know she won’t be now for at least a year…

The day closed with OpenSpace music practice. For one reason or another we only had three musicians and no vocalists, so I decided to give it a go. I have decided it isn’t for me, and I think those listening would probably agree. As is tradition, we gave our patronage to a local well-know establishment for a burger before heading home for an early night as Rach had to leave at 8am.

All in all, I had a great birthday and would like to thank everyone who made the day so special. I am now old, but old age came in style.

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