Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Long and Sleepy Day

What a long day! Today was the Societies Fayre a Uni, and as President of Methsoc I had quite a bit to do. Yesterday was spent photocopying, organising, making welsh cakes and some more organising. It was non-stop! (Well, there was an hour or so of Borderlands… but that was nessisary).

But today started early for me, being out of the house by 8.40 to get all the stuff needed up the hill for 9. Then came 15 mins of Mandate Training (learning how to handle money through the Guild) which was soooooooo useful as Methsoc has no money, and never uses the Guild account. But it had to be done. With that out of the way it ws time to get the stall set up, which I delegated most of.

Doors opened just before 10, and then the endless flow of people started. The day consisted of offering cake and leaflets, explaining Methsoc and generally being happy and smiley. Other than about 45 mins to go to a pointless ‘Introduction to Third Year’ Interpol lecture, and 15 mins seeing my Personal Tutor, I was in the Sports Cage until 4.

I got home, watched Spooks and then typed up mailing lists and sent emails. Now I am thinking of wandering to Hollywood Pizza (the fifth best thing about Aber) and just chill.

What did I get out of today? Well, 44 new people on the Methsoc Mailing list is a great start. But also It reminded me how much I actually like talking to people. Whether it is just persuading them to eat cake or having a fairly deep chat about the religious leanings of Methsoc, I just interacting with people. Ok, not a deep post like some others, but I’m too sleepy to be philosophical!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The five best things about Aberyswyth

It’s the beginning of the new year, freshers have started arriving and I’m finding it very scary that I am entering what is (probably) my last year in the fine town of Aberystwyth. So I thought I would do a post on my five favourite things about this fair town, (the idea actually came from a friend.)
(Imaging the Top of The Pops music aka Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" while reading this.)

5. Hollywood Pizza

The pizza shop on Pier Street. Only a minute walk from my house, it makes possibly the best pizzas I know. And anyone who has lived with me will know that I like my pizza! I find it strange that it has a picture of the New York and San Francisco landmarks on the walls. I am still plucking up the courage to order a delivery to home…

4. The view from the top of Consti
Ok it’s a little bit of a trek to get to the top (unless you wimp out and take the train). But the view is amazing! It makes you realise how small Aber really is. Any time, day or night, sun or rain, Aber is a beautiful town and one I will miss. Also the top has a place to buy ice creams (very important for a certain person), and a Frisbee golf course. I am yet to try walking/running from the top of Consti to the top of Pen Dinas in 45mins (a challenge set by the same person who gave me the idea for this).

3. The fact you are never more than 10mins walk from all the important places
It’s true! (Ok, from home to Uni is about 15, but come on I said ‘important’…). It means that you can never use the excuse ‘oh, I don’t think I can get there’ but it also means that if you get to where you want to be, and realise you have forgotten something it isn’t too much of a trek to go and get it.

2. Walking along the sea
A great thing to do if you need time to yourself. I love putting some relaxing tunes on my iPod, walking to the far end of North Beach, kicking the bar (no-one knows why you do it, but everyone knows that you have too) then walking all the way along to the far end of South Beach along to Prom. Then head back home via a wander through the Castle Ruins. A good 45min round trip, but so beautiful and really good way to organise your thoughts or clear your head.

And at number one…

The people
The thing I will miss most when I leave. From my close friends to the people at my church, course mates to those individuals that everyone in Aber has seen. I will miss living in a place with only two degrees of separation at the most, compared by the traditional six. And it is mainly because of these people that Aber will always feel like home.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Being positive about Methodism

Well, I promised something positive about the Methodist Church, and I will stick to that. There may be a little bit of a rant to start with, but it’s just background.

So, having been involved in the Methodist Church locally all my life, at District level since 2006 and Connexionally since 2007, I have had many ups and downs. And the YPS has been involved in much of it. For those of you who don’t know, the YPS (Youth Participation Strategy) is the Methodist Church’s big money idea to improve participation of young people across all levels of the Church and wider world.

At MYC 06 I thought it was a very good idea, but very complicated, By MYC 08, I was very passionate about it, had very high hopes and joined the reference group and was on a real high. Within 10 months I was back down, lost all faith in it and despairing for young Methodists. With the cuts made to it at Methodist Conference 2010, I thought it was the beginning of the end…

But recently my faith has been restored in it, at least at a District level. Wales Synod has been very supportive of young people since I got involved in 2006. But last week I got a call from my minister. He explained that the Synod wanted to have a young person as one of its reps to Conference 2011, and would I like to do it. I said yes! Wales is also sending two reps to MYA2010 (which all Districts ‘must’ but many don’t) as well as supporting others to go by giving them some funding. Also Wales has just employed a new Synod Youth Enabler, funded fully from its own pockets to run alongside the 10 across Britain that are paid by the Connexion.

All this shows that the Wales Synod is committing to giving young people a true voice, not a tokenistic, patronising ‘oh aren’t the young people good’ voice. A true, representative voice that will hopefully allow the Methodist Church in Wales to lead the way and, one can only hope, reverse the declining numbers of young people and the ‘missing generation’.

Jesus said "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” I truly hope that this is the first step towards the Church becoming like children, and being what Jesus calls it to be.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Post

Hey everyone, and welcome to my blog. I have decided I need somewhere to record my thoughts, have a rant, or make so observations on the world, so here we go!

So I'm back in Aber for my final year (very scary) and the weather is rubbish! I want it to be nice and sunny, so I can go for a walk. But oh well. There is plenty to keep me going at home. Emails to be sent, MethSoc stuff to get done, etc etc.

Tomorrow I am going to blog about the Methodist Church (and it'll be quite possitive, honestly...)