Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Long and Sleepy Day

What a long day! Today was the Societies Fayre a Uni, and as President of Methsoc I had quite a bit to do. Yesterday was spent photocopying, organising, making welsh cakes and some more organising. It was non-stop! (Well, there was an hour or so of Borderlands… but that was nessisary).

But today started early for me, being out of the house by 8.40 to get all the stuff needed up the hill for 9. Then came 15 mins of Mandate Training (learning how to handle money through the Guild) which was soooooooo useful as Methsoc has no money, and never uses the Guild account. But it had to be done. With that out of the way it ws time to get the stall set up, which I delegated most of.

Doors opened just before 10, and then the endless flow of people started. The day consisted of offering cake and leaflets, explaining Methsoc and generally being happy and smiley. Other than about 45 mins to go to a pointless ‘Introduction to Third Year’ Interpol lecture, and 15 mins seeing my Personal Tutor, I was in the Sports Cage until 4.

I got home, watched Spooks and then typed up mailing lists and sent emails. Now I am thinking of wandering to Hollywood Pizza (the fifth best thing about Aber) and just chill.

What did I get out of today? Well, 44 new people on the Methsoc Mailing list is a great start. But also It reminded me how much I actually like talking to people. Whether it is just persuading them to eat cake or having a fairly deep chat about the religious leanings of Methsoc, I just interacting with people. Ok, not a deep post like some others, but I’m too sleepy to be philosophical!

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