Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Things are in a state of flux for me at the moment. I am about to move back to South Wales, back in with my parents, back to being in a long distance relationship. When I first made that decision, I felt like I had failed. I moved away to uni five years ago. I move back home three years ago with a degree. I moved out again a year later to start a new job, expecting that to be it. Although it was a one year contract, I assumed I would find another job and never move back home.

But I haven't got another job, and I am moving home.

I have failed.

Or have I?

It is a blip that I couldn't have really changed.

I have done quite a bit of events planning (I am in the middle of doing one now), and no matter how good your plans are, there is always the things that don't go how you thought, the things that fall though, the ideas that just don't work. And I find them frustrating, because they ruin how I imagine things, how I want things to be. But I rethink, adapt, reorganise, and things soon fall back into place. And the events have always seemed to have come off without too many people noticing anything was wrong at all. (OK, Tresaith 2010 is the exception that proves the rule.)

And maybe that is what is going on in my life at the moment. My original plan has fallen though, so I need to just take a stock, rethink, and work out where to go from here.

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