Saturday, September 15, 2012

OPP Post #1 - Many New Beginnings

 I haven't blogged for so long, mainly because I've not had any ideas for blogs that have really inspired me. But now I have a reason to blog, and am going to attempt to blog at least fortnightly.
Since my last post, an awful lot has changed. I have one and a half new jobs, and am living at the other end of the country. I feel I should explain.

I am now an One Programme Participant, or OPP. This is part of the Methodist Church's Youth Participation Strategy. I, along with 16 other young people across the country, am going a 'year on', an internship. My placement is with Methodist Action North West. Yep, North West. I now live in Lancashire. Methodist Action is a charity that works to support people facing poverty and homelessness in the North West. It's an amazing organisation, and I am set to have a very eye opening year. I'm going to be getting a flavour of all the work they do, from drop in centres to social housing projects, and trying to inspire young people to volunteer. I hope this blog will act as a record of that year. I look forward to reading these posts back this time next year, seeing how I've changed. (*wave to future Matt*).

The first weekend of September was the first OPP weekend, where I met the 16 other OPPs, who are great people. We have a real range, from 16 to (almost) 24; English, Welsh and Scottish (Northern Ireland isn't part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain); Conservative Christians, Liberal Christians and some who wouldn't class themselves as Christian. A couple of them are also blogging their years, I'll put the links at the bottom of this post. We had some great chats over the weekend, a lot of fun, and a good amount of Methodist Geekery (which made me very happy). I am looking forward to seeing them all in October.

So that is the one new job. The half is the fact that I have just transferred to the Pizza Hut in Preston, which is a little strange, because it is very similar to the Cribbs Hut, but also quite different. But it felt strangely good to be back in the black shirt, giving people pizza.

The other really big change is that, for now, I am sharing a house with my girlfriend. It's quite an experience after almost 4 years living 170 miles apart. And it's going well, I like having someone to make me breakfast, and someone to do the washing up for.

Well, I feel I'm rambling now, so I'll wrap this up. But before I go, can I ask you a favour? If you are so inclinded, please pray for me and the other OPPs, that we have a successful and fulfilling year. 

Thanks, you're awesome!

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